YBEPL is serving towards renewable green energy and sustainable development of renewable natural resources (Bio Fuels) and through the adoption of environmentally friendly technology that favours net reduction of green house gas emissions for use in vehicle for public and private transport as well as various equipments and Gen Sets.

At YBEPL we have created facilities of manufacturing Bio-Diesel with a manufacturing capacity of 100,000 KL per month from Multi Feedstock at the Isharwada & Padgol Tarapur.

Yamuna is positioned as a socially responsible entity in that it has a Zero Discharge in terms of Effluents.

Looking ahead and planning ahead is our company Focus, we are examining plans to create large capacities by setting up similar plants being ventures globally either on a standalone basis or as Joint Ventures as required.

YBEPL looks to the future in being a responsible and meaningful force in the field of BIOFUELS.