Mrs. Bhavini Shah (Chairperson)

Bhavini Shah is a YBPL Chairman and Managing Director and her family paid glowing tributes to the founder of Yamuna Bio Energy Private Limited. is a Mechanical & Computer Engineer from Bhailalbhai and Bhikhabhai Institute Of Technology, Vallabh Viddhynagar, Gujarat. . She has ability to withhold premature judgment on any situation without getting as much information as possible from all sources in the time available.

She Makes balanced decisions in the absence of all the information you would like, which may never be available! She puts the organization first in all her deliberations, not herself, her prejudices or her own immediate interests.

She has corporate governance, or the awareness of good business practice, the responsibilities and reporting to stakeholders as appropriate, and what to do when things may go wrong.

She is focused , drive and determination, the persistence to see things through, dealing with important matters first, and the resilience to overcome inevitable set-backs.

She is blessed with great exposer with additional functional expertise, whether of finance, operations, sales, marketing, purchasing, IT, HR or whatever, also seem to be critical.

Ms. Vishva Kshatriya (CEO)

She is Chief Executie Officer & is qualified Inter CA along with M.COM from MS University Vadodara. She defines and communicates the strategy along the way among the team members. The greatness shows because she knows she has already gotten the troops together to help build the strategy or the go-to-market plan, and provide employees with many chances to weigh in with their views. she is able to look right, look left and look out over time to see the moves and countermoves of the competition and react accordingly. She is quick to call an ad hoc meeting or an offsite if it requires a group brainstorm. She understands her team intimately, both gathering and relying upon the troops’ input

Mr. Gaurang Shah (Director)

He is a Director & is Commerce Graduate from MS University. He is in charge of micromanaging, delegating tasks, ensuring adequate and satisfactory work output. He adapts to changes in the industry and quickly makes adjustments to operations if need . Diligence is the drive to work hard at whatever you’re focusing on, and persistence is the drive to continue working when things get tough. He leads in the industry, formulating new product and service offerings and goes above and beyond the efforts of the competition to impress and satisfy every client .His ability to proficiently research and learn about new topics and concepts is such an important attribute for the company .He is assertive yet considerate, passionate yet logical, persuasive, and inspiring.